Tipiti® Baby Nappies

FAQ for Individuals

1. What sizes of Tipiti nappies are available?

Tipiti nappies come in four sizes: Newborn, Infant, Toddler, and Junior. Each size is designed to fit comfortably and provide maximum protection for your baby.

2. Are Tipiti nappies eco-friendly?

Yes, Tipiti nappies are made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact while providing superior quality and comfort.

3. Do Tipiti nappies contain a wetness indicator?

No. Tipiti nappies do not require a wetness indicator as our superior abosrbency and lock away technology ensure that wetness is quickly absorbed leaving the surface of the nappy dry.

4. How can I purchase Tipiti nappies?

You can purchase Tipiti nappies directly from our website. We offer various payment methods and shipping options to meet your needs.


FAQ for Child Care Centers

1. What makes Tipiti nappies suitable for childcare centers?

Tipiti nappies are designed with high absorbency, leak protection, and hypoallergenic materials, making them ideal for keeping children comfortable and safe throughout the day.

2. Can we order Tipiti nappies in bulk?

Yes, we offer bulk ordering options for childcare centers. 

3. Are Tipiti nappies safe for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Our nappies are dermatologically tested and made from hypoallergenic materials, ensuring they are safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

4. How do we manage returns or issues with our orders?

If you encounter any issues with your order, please contact our customer service team.